Union Bosses Drop Rings!Edit

Introduction on Ring System

1. Every Ring has effects on 2 Skills. There will be chances to activate Ring Skills in battles once a Ring is equipped.

2. Three Rings will be dropped in every successful Union Boss challenge. The Rings will be randomly distributed to players who have signed up for the challenge.

3. Bosses of higher levels drop better Rings. Better Rings adds more activate chances to your Skills.

4. Rings Skills have chances to activate even if your character does not have that Skill.

5. The equipped Ring disappears after reincarnation, while you can keep the Rings stored in your Pack.

6. Gold Ring is available in Shop. Go to your Pack to equip it after purchasing.

7. You can own many Rings if you like. The inactive Rings are stored in your Pack.

8. The Ring icon in your Dojo will be lit up once a Ring is equipped.

9. The icon left to the Ring icon represents a Necklace. Necklace system will be released in the future!

10. The ring you get from boss or shop is put into your pack! Use the ring to equip.

“Gold Ring”:


Price: 50 Gold

A mystery item that slightly boosts the activate chance of 2 Skills (by 3%+2%)

Example: The ring may have some chances to let you active these two skills in combat: Critical Hit(3%)+ Tiger Blow(2%) And it may have other skills instead while purchased.

Rings Dropped By Bosses:

Name Boost to Skills (2 Skills per Ring)
Root of Evil’s Ring 1%+1%
Golden-armored Immortal’s Ring 1%+1%
Killer Bees’ Ring 2%+1%
Divine Archangel’s Ring 2%+2%
Sun Stealer’s Ring 3%+2%
Frozen Demon-god’s Ring 3%+2%
Great Wall of Bronze’s Ring 3%+3%
Greed Butcher’s Ring 4%+3%
Rouge Empress’ Ring 4%+4%
Green Legion’s Ring 5%+4%

Skills that may be generated as ring skills:

  • Critical Hit
  • Evasive Dance
  • Shield Wall
  • First Strike
  • Combo Strike
  • Counter Attack
  • Vital Blow
  • Tiger Blow